A Note on Perspective: The Things You Don’t See

Before you venture into our Blog section, we feel that it’s important to really get to know Champion TKD. Martial Arts schools are on every corner these days, but our studio is not just a place to practice. It is a sanctuary, a safe space, and a home away from home for many of our students.

Walking by our storefront, the average person may not think much of what they see from the outside. The view is not overly spectacular. Picture it — a taekwondo class. You might have seen one before. You might have even seen our class before, driving home from school or work. What do you see? A room full of children and adults, practicing a sport. Students are learning techniques; parents watch their children intently from the sidelines. To the untrained eye, it is nothing but your run-of-the-mill after school activity.

We challenge you to imagine something slightly different than what you might have seen. Re-structure that picture in your mind. Instead of a simple class consisting of a teacher and some students, imagine a complex team-building exercise. Each class at Champion Taekwondo aims to develop more than just martial arts technique. Every student is part of a larger picture. In class, everyone is learning from each other, all the time. Just as a beginner can learn from a master teacher, the master teacher can always learn from a beginner. Each student has their own unique challenges, and our goal is to pinpoint those challenges and overcome them — together, as a team. Sometimes, those challenges go deeper than memorizing techniques. At Champion TKD, all of our students are practicing not only self-defense, but life-defense.

People in all walks of life can find something to learn in our program. Come for the taekwondo training, and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of complex social settings, teamwork, and leadership. Come for these values, and you’ll get some exercise and self-defense technique along with them. We believe that no one is ever perfect, but that’s okay. We grow together, and we learn from each other. Leadership and respect training is not an additional program you can sign up for; it is required and ingrained into each part of our curriculum.

We value more than just the training in taekwondo. We value the history of our sport, the heritage of the art, and the values that built our program. Take a moment to step inside. Don’t just look from the outside. What you find may surprise you!