“This is how I feel about BECOMING a Black Belt. To do the little ordinary things extraordinarily. The reason they stand at the front of the class; to lead by example. To listen and not interrupt, to assist without being asked, to stand and gather their breath when they want to collapse. To seek correction and not take offense.”

– Lee, 2nd Degree Black Belt

Taekwondo is not just a physically revitalizing experience, but it can also teach discipline, respect, kindness, and perseverance. Taekwondo is arguably the best thing to ever happen to me, and I don’t doubt I will continue with it for the rest of my life and perhaps seek a career in it.

– Trevor, Black Belt Candidate

When my son signed up for classes over six years ago at Champion Taekwondo we had no idea what a positive influence it would have on our family.  Shortly after he started I signed up and now my daughter is involved and it has been great for all of us. I have been involved in organized sports almost my entire life but nothing compares to…

…what Master Jenn has taught us. She has a real gift for challenging us and instilling discipline but at the same time we know that she cares.”In fact, I told my son just the other day that he needs to remember our time in Champion Taekwondo because there will not be many experiences in life that come close to this one. Thank you Master Jenn for all that you do for us and thanks to all of our Taekwondo buddies for the friendship. You know it is a special place when a group of strangers can come together and look after each other like family!”

– JD, Robin, Lawson and Harper Ross

“An ancient Native American proverb says, “Tell me and I’ll forget.  Show me, and I may not remember.  Involve me, and I’ll understand.”  This is true with our journey in achieving a black belt.  Several years ago, I walked into Master Jenn’s dojang with an understanding that the path to a black belt is a long one, a journey that would feature lows and highs, frustration and achievement, and of course, satisfaction, especially when you see someone “get it” after helping them.  And that is the involvement of our journey.”

-Tevis, Black Belt Candidate

“After a few days of hesitation on his behalf, we enrolled our son at Champion Taekwondo. Since that time, he has grown in his confidence by achieving various belts and has also enhanced his overall physical skills/abilities. He demonstrates his new found confidence in other aspects of his life as well.

He really enjoys the structure of Master Jenn’s teaching style and the encouragement that is provided both him and all the others in his classes. He feels very comfortable in class and actually does not push back when we ask if he wants to go to go. Lastly, he really enjoys the chance to assist newer students as they learn and grow in TKD. We are very pleased with the program Master Jenn offers.”

-Russ & Lorraine Watkins   

“Master Jennifer Penny has a very structured school where all ages enjoy attending. Starting with the white belt the students must have not only class time, but also nine stripes on that belt before advancing on to the next. The stripes are earned individually in class under Master Jenn’s direction and supervision. The stripes let her know at a glance…

…how far along each student is on a particular belt or level. This method is very encouraging to the students because they too, can see for themselves how they are progressing towards their next belt.  Don’t misunderstand, everyone has to EARN each stripe and they progress at their own speed.

Included in addition to regular classes, are conditioning, (a very invigorating cardio exercise class), and once an orange belt, sparring. When the students are excited to attend each of the classes, you know it has to be fun.

Speaking from my personal experience, a full time parent/grandfather of two, we have attended two well-known area martial arts schools in addition to another one out-of-state, none come close to comparing to this school. The children love this school and the way it is taught. Their self-confidence is by far greater than it has ever been. I can’t say enough good things about Champion Taekwondo, other than if interested, you owe it to yourself at least to visit a class and decide for yourself.”

-Bill Edmonds

“My son started taking TaeKwonDo when he was four and a half.  Prior to beginning his practice at Champion TaeKwonDo he had very little self confidence because of many failed attempts at sports.  I’m not an overly pushy mom that expects excellence. So, when I say failed attempts I mean he couldn’t participate with the skill level…

…and attitude of his same age peers.  He would fall often and seem “clumsy” and excessively chewed on anything he could get his hands on.  We then found out part of the problem was he could not see.  Glasses helped the “clumsiness” and he began to see an OT for some of the developmental delays that resulted because of the vision issue.  

For 1 year I drove to Matthews from Fort Mill twice a week for occupational therapy, and we also began treatment for ADHD.  During this year my son had been begging to take TaeKwonDo, but I was weary because I didn’t want to set him up for failure again in sports and I was tired from all the running around and worrying over his delays.  However the OT was helping so I gave in.  From the moment we began our first trial class I knew we would be staying!  Master Jenn’s ability to connect and work with the form of the children is phenomenal!  She provides an atmosphere that is conducive for the children to learn proper technique with the absence of threat that they must be perfect and perform.  

Very shortly after beginning at Champion TaeKwonDo my son had meet all of his OT goals and no longer needed it!  The practice of TaeKwonDo used some of the same techniques and body forms that helped him to finally overcome his delay in gross and fine motor skills.  His confidence grew by leaps and bounds over the past 2 and a half years.  Because of his practice we are now playing soccer and swimming on the swim team with MUCH success.  The life skills that the tenants of TaeKwonDo reinforce carries over into school and home.  Thank you Master Jenn for your positive influence!”

-Amy Wilson

“As a Fort Mill School District Teacher, I teach Elementary music for K-5th grade and see about 750 children in one week.  I love what I do in music and was looking for a sport for my child that they would feel the same love that I see from my music students.  I am truly amazed at the dedication and enthusiasm that Master Jenn has for Taekwondo.

Her love for this art and her love for children truly comes into action in every meeting with them.  Our family has never tried any kind of martial arts before but our child has fallen in love with it.  We try to attend every day now, due to the fun, yet challenging classes that Master Jenn puts together.  She truly keeps even the youngest child interested while teaching all of the combinations of kicks, punches and skills there are to learn.  Her patience and kindness for every student is evident even while she commands attention and respect at all times from her classes.  I am truly happy that we have found Champion Taekwondo and hope to put our youngest child into Taekwondo when she gets older. I would recommend Champion to all! “

-Jill Fuller

“I love Tae Kwon Do because it is aggressive. Master Jenn teaches us to defend our selfs in many ways. That list of ways include punches, kicks, and blocks. Master Jenn uses self defenses, hand techniques, and forms to teach it to us. Master Jenn is a great Tae Kwon Do teacher.”

-Ava (age 8)

“As a grandfather and long time sportsman embarking on a journey with my grandson I had no idea the incredible impact learning Taekwondo under Master Jenn’s guidance would have on my life. My body has become stronger, I have more flexibility, my joints are less stiff, and my constant lower back pain is a distant memory. Master Jenn is an inspiration to all she teaches as she instills discipline, integrity, indomitable spirit, kindness and a sense of community in all her students through living what she teaches. Her teaching embodies the mission statement of Kyoshi Dave Kovar, a Taekwondo mentor: ” To globally empower people of all ages to become more confident, healthy, happy and contributing members of society through high quality martial arts instruction which consists of training in self-defense, health, fitness and life skills.” Thank you, Master Jenn for helping us to make this journey enjoyable and giving us a chance to reach our ultimate and individual goals.”

-Philip Snelling

“We started looking for a Taekwondo for our daughter last summer when she was going through a time of increased anxiety. We looked at the local places, but quickly settled on Champion Taekwondo after meeting Master Jenn. Her humble and positive, yet strong, leadership was the example we wanted for our daughter. This past year we have watched our daughter mature beautifully both on the mat and off. She is learning focus, work ethic, responsibility and honesty. She is challenged to push herself and lead by example. Master Jenn has created an environment that gives all skill levels an opportunity to grow. We cannot say enough about Champion TKD and the impact it has had for our daughter and family this past year.”

-Andrew and Kim Block

“I like the running in TKD. It helps me get some energy out before class so I can focus and listen.”

-Charlie (Age 5)

“Charlie is usually the smallest kid in the class even though he’s 5. His small stature has not been a problem for his confidence, though. In fact, at times he’s too confident and strong-willed that it gets in the way of good behavior. TKD has provided good role models for Charlie. He is in a mixed-age environment at school and I like the mixed-age environment at TKD for that purpose.”

-Lisa Gerard

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