Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art, combat sport, and a self defense system that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. It promotes the concept that a person can successfully defend against an assailant by using proper technique, leverage, and most notably, taking the fight to the ground, and then applying joint-locks and chokeholds to defeat the opponent. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training can be used for grappling competitions (gi and no-gi) and mixed martial arts (MMA) competition.

Champion Taekwondo is an affiliate of Top Martial Arts and Fitness. That means that even though we aren’t a full time Brazilian Jiu-jitsu academy, our students can benefit from cross training in a grappling program. Classes are taught by an instructor from Top every Monday and Wednesday from 7:30-9:00pm. 

Any adult or teen can attend, all are welcome regardless of experience level or affiliation. These classes are not included in other program memberships. You can drop in for a $10 charge per class (paid to the instructor) or purchase a punch card for a block of lessons in the studio office.
You will need a BJJ uniform (gi) and belt for training. We have a few to loan if you would like to try a class and can help with ordering your size if you would like to continue. See Master Jenn or Lee for details on how to borrow or order a gi.



There are nine different areas that we focus on for well rounded training. These are tested for all ranks with level specific curriculum. There is a colored stripe that students earn on their belts as progress benchmarks within each level. Each area is represented by a specific color and is awarded after a “stripe test” in their regular class. Students are selected for stripe testing by showing proficiency during group practice of a skill set. They will typically be asked to demonstrate the skill individually in front of the group. Stripes for demonstrating leadership and focus are awarded when the instructor sees students demonstrating these qualities at a high level at any point during practice. The area that each stripe color represents stays the same for each level.  

White Stripe (Fitness)  This is a level appropriate and curriculum based workout, including stretching.

Yellow Stripe (Knowledge) Students answer questions on terminology, concepts, and history. Advanced students are required to take a written test and black belts submit papers in special interest areas in addition to oral and written tests.

Orange Stripe (Kindness) All students are expected to make a practice of regular and intentional random acts of kindness. Black belts organize short and long term service projects in the community which often involve all belt levels.

Green Stripe (Focus) During sessions this stripe is awarded to students who show mental discipline and follow class etiquette.

Blue Stripe (Form) Often called poomsae or kata, forms are a choreographed sequence of movements that demonstrate posture, positioning, and technique. We practice the standard Kukkiwon Taegeuk forms.

Purple Stripe (Leadership) Development of personal success and leadership skills, showing self control and modeling correct behavior and technique are the way to earn a purple stripe.

Brown Stripe (Self Defense) These are techniques which includes sweeps, throws, and properly breaking falls. One step drilling is used for color belts to practice pre-arranged attacks and combinations and advanced belts practice freestyle one step scenario drilling.

Red Stripe (Basics) Fundamentals like blocks, strikes, or stances are building blocks for solid technique. Senior levels are expected to understand the principles of each technique. Explanations of  how and when they work or don’t is expected, not just rote memorization.

Black Stripe (Kicking) Front, side, and roundhouse kick are the basics. They are used in many combinations, and are the foundation for practical self defense kicking or the athletic demonstration style using jumps, spins, and gymnastic movements.

There are additional areas of curriculum which are covered in classes or testing but not recognized with a stripe test. Promotion tests vary, but include all elements of the current level and may include prior level curriculum. All levels are cumulative and review level testing begins as early as blue belt.

Sparring-  Students learn technique, strategy and rules for competition; specifically, Olympic style competition. Differences are emphasised regarding martial arts for sport and martial arts for self defense or LEO/Military applications. When students progress to contact sparring, padded equipment is worn for safety. 

Breaking- The breaking of boards is used for testing to demonstrate the ability to use techniques with both power and control

Weapons- Weapons training is not a formal part of most taekwondo curriculum, occasionally we incorporate additional training opportunities with bo staffs, nunchaku, knives, sticks, and various other martial arts weapons.



Pop Up Dojo is our program for children with unique talents.
We offer a Saturday morning class dedicated to bringing the positive effects of taekwondo training to children with special needs. This class is designed and led by a father son black belt team, JD and Lawson Ross. They welcome all of our students to assist with the class and facilitate lessons on how to best work with children who have special needs and share their experiences in developing a martial arts program. They provide an inclusive environment for children who are not normally included. They teach taekwondo, but if you look closely you can see that love, acceptance and community are the real lessons that they share.

Enroll today! Click here to learn more and sign your child up today! 

“When the idea for Pop Up Dojo first came up as a black belt service project, we had no idea the value it would bring. It was a way for a father to lead his son by example, to facilitate some lessons about servant leadership and entrepreneurship. What they uncovered was an underserved group of children in our community and without hesitation stepped forward to see how they could contribute. JD and Lawson have grown from the experience, the students and parents are benefitting from the classes, and a special opportunity has opened up for many other Champion Taekwondo students and their families to learn from working with the kids who have unique talents in the Pop Up Dojo program on a weekly basis. We have all been blessed in different and deeply affecting ways. I believe the key is JD and Lawson's unique approach of genuinely listening to the needs of their clients. They are open to learning, engaging, and serving in ways that are uncommon and deeply beneficial for all involved. Pop Up Dojo is radical servant leadership that changes the way business is done...for the better. They set a wonderful example for everyone going through our black belt program and are documenting their process so future project ideas will have guidance, bringing real and lasting value to the candidate and the community.”

- Master Jenn



$60 per hour -  Appointment Only

Private lessons are purchased as a 1 hour block and used in 15-20 minute sessions by appointment. They are not intended to replace group instruction but are offered as a supplement in the cases of fine tuning curriculum, reaching fitness goals, or when preparing for testing or competition.

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Cost of camp per week:
Non-member $149  
Current member $129

Non-member tuition includes a beginner uniform and 3 trial classes.  

Drop off at 9:00am and pick up at 1:00 pm. Please be prompt when dropping off and picking up your child. If someone other than the parent will be picking up their child we must be notified in advance.

Daily Schedule:

9:00-9:15 Drop Off/ Warm-Up Game
9:15-10:15 Theme of the Week Instruction
10:15-10:30 Snack/Break
10:30-11:00 Prep for Finale Friday
11:00-11:30 Fitness and Teamwork Activities
11:30-12:00 Lunch Break & Clean Up
12:00-1:00 Taekwondo Class M-Th
12:40-1:00 Friday Only- Group Performance

Plan to attend the group performance on Friday just before pick up. Campers perform as a group and each student will be working all week on their individual presentation.

What About Lunch?
Monday- Thursday send in a lunch from home. Pizza lunch is provided on Friday. We will offer a healthy snack each day but if your child would like other snacks you may send those in as well.

Is there a difference in the weeks?
General camps are open to all skill levels. There is one week that is reserved for our advanced level students. You must be a brown belt or higher to attend that session.

I Love Camp! Can I come more than one week?
Yes, you can participate in camp as many weeks as we have space available. We limit the number of campers to 20 per week so register early to ensure the availability of your first choice.

How should I dress my child for camp each day?
Campers have the option of wearing either the traditional uniform or Champion Taekwondo T-Shirt, taekwondo rank belt and tae kwon do pants. If you are trying camp and have never attended classes your registration will include an additional $20 trial program. The trial includes a beginner Taekwondo uniform and belt. If you would like the optional tee and black pants uniforms they are available for purchase in the office. T-shirts = $15 Traditional top = $20 white or black pants = $20


Birthday parties can be reserved Saturdays from 1:30-3:00pm.  We do things like throw suction cup ninja stars, learn a nunchaku form, or battle with pool noodle “swords”. The birthday boy or girl will have a few activities to choose from. We can also do basic kicking drills to focus targets, depending on the birthday boy or girl's preference.

The back lobby will be set up with a table and chairs. You are welcome to provide any themed decorations you would like. A basic table cover can be provided upon request. You bring the refreshments and cake. We have a sword to cut the cake. Master Jenn holds the swords to make sure it is under control, but the birthday person does the first "cut" into their cake.  

A fun wrap up activity and entertaining way to fill party favor bags is a piñata. We have a pole to hang it and we let them whack it with either an escrima stick or bamboo sword.

The cost of a birthday party is $120.  There is no limit on how many children can attend but if the party is 20+ children, please notify us so that additional staff members can be on the mat to assist.


“ Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.”


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